Menopause & Post-Menopause Hormone Balance Kit
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Menopause & Post-Menopause Hormone Balance Kit


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    New! Menopause Hormone Balance Kit

    This kit is the sequel to our popular Women's Monthly Cycle Hormone Balance Kit. The recipes in this kit are specially designed for women who have been through, or who are going through, menopause.

    Each recipe and corresponding roller bottle focuses on a specific issue arising from menopause.

    - "Balance" is a general hormone balance blend that helps women feel younger and more balanced.
    - "Sexy" is a blend that helps with libido, but also just a general feeling of femininity and feeling alive.
    - "Hot Flash" helps with body core cooling and helps you rest at night when hot flashes are an issue.
    - "Insomnia" is for improved sleep. Many women struggle with quality sleep after menopause. This blend helps with balancing hormones while helping you sleep more soundly.

    You may use on or more of these blends on a daily basis depending on your needs.

    The kit comes with:
    -Beautiful rose gold roller set with matte metallic rose gold tops.
    -Four stainless steel rollers in glass bottles with permanent vinyl custom lettering. (The bottles are empty)
    (Two rose gold semi-transparent glass bottles with white lettering and two opaque rose gold bottles with black lettering.)
    -Four beautiful recipes plus a BONUS alternate recipe for extra energy when your hormones have you in an afternoon slump.
    -Comes in a black velvet drawstring bag with beautiful, feminine, floral recipe cards.
    -Also includes a reusable roller bottle opener to make filling your bottles easier.
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