Women’s Monthly Cycle Hormone Balance Kit
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Women’s Monthly Cycle Hormone Balance Kit


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    New! Women’s Monthly Cycle Hormone Balance Kit

    My wife has developed this kit to aid with maintaining healthy hormone levels throughout a woman’s monthly cycle. This kit instructs women on what oils to use for each stage of their cycle, and the reasons why. A different recipe is used for each week.

    In each week of the normal cycle, a particular surge, plateau, or plummet in the individual female sex hormones occurs. These hormonal changes synchronize each phase of the 28 day cycle.

    These recipes are designed to compliment or even out the negative side effects that hormone surges can have on mental and physical well-being.

    There is one roller ball for each week, with a recipe card for each roller (4 labeled roller balls and 4 recipe cards). One side of the recipe card details the essential oil recipe to use for that particular week. The other side explains what is happening to your hormones that week, and why the oils listed compliment that week.

    So you get a roller set and mini hormone class all in one!

    The kit comes with:
    -Beautiful rose gold roller set with matte metallic rose gold tops.
    -Four stainless steel rollers in glass bottles with permanent vinyl custom lettering. (The bottles are empty)
    (Two rose gold semi-transparent glass with gold lettering, Two opaque rose gold bottles with white lettering.)
    -Four recipes plus a BONUS alternate recipe for extra energy when your hormones have you in an afternoon slump.
    -Comes in a black velvet drawstring bag with beautiful, feminine, floral recipe cards.
    -Also includes a reusable roller bottle opener to make filling your bottles easier.
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