How Do Essential Oils Work? 1 Copy of Book
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How Do Essential Oils Work? 1 Copy of Book

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    How Do Essential Oils Work - Keeping it Simple by Dr. Doug Corrigan

    This is the newest release by Dr. Doug Corrigan. In this book, Dr. Corrigan explains the how and why of essential oil science.
    He breaks it down so that anyone can easily follow and understand the information, even if they have no background in science.
    In this book, he goes over the reasons why essential oils are so effective at doing their jobs, and how they compare to western medicine.
    In addition, he takes an in-depth look at the different application methods and their physiological differences.
    This book is perfect for anyone wanting to gain an understanding of how essential oils work at the molecular level, cellular level, and physiological level of the entire human body. This book is also perfect to gift to anyone who may be questioning the validity of essential oil science, and who may need more scientific evidence before they are willing to consider using them.
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