Natural Molecules and Cancer - (Video and Slides)
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Natural Molecules and Cancer - (Video and Slides)

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    This is a digital download of the entire set of 5 Modules to Dr. Doug’s Series- Natural Molecules and Cancer.

    This series consists of 5 modules, with each module including a 60-90 minute video of Dr. Doug teaching that module, and a set of slides for that module in JPG and PDF format (~30 slides per module). Even if you are not particularly interested in the topic of cancer, this series is for everyone because a) Dr Doug shows you how all of us are developing cancer silently behind the scenes (and the reasons why), and the innate mechanisms our body has to fight cancer; and b) The topics discussed affect all areas of health, including inflammation and a host of other disorders that can manifest (heart disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes, arthritis, etc). The Modules are broken down as follows:

    Module 1: Basis of Cancer - The molecular, genetic, and environmental causes of cancer are discussed. Concepts such as cell cycle control, oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, DNA repair, immunity, apoptosis, angiogenesis are included in this discussion.
    Module 2: Chronic Inflammation - In Module 2, the role that chronic inflammation plays in cancer development (and a host of other diseases) is presented. The causes of Chronic Inflammation are discussed as well as actionable steps you can take with natural products to minimize these causes (and downstream effects).

    Module 3: Oxidative Stress- Reactive Oxygen Species, the ROS/Inflammation Cycle, Free Radicals, and the damage they cause at the molecular, cellular and physiological level are presented. The role of anti-oxidants are discussed, as well as ORAC values, and the potency of various constituents as anti-oxidant molecules is presented.

    Module 4: Constituents : The role of various constituents is discussed regarding their efficacy and mechanism of action on various forms of cancer.

    Module 5: Lycium Barbarum Polysaccharide - The biochemical properties of LBP are presented in detail. A summary of the entire series is given, and all of the concepts presented in each of the modules are tied together into a comprehensive picture.
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