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Beating Chronic Inflammation with Natural Products - Class Video and Slides (Same as Module 2 of Cancer Series)

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    Note: If you have the Natural Molecules and Cancer Series, then you do not need this class in addition since it is the same as Module #2 in the Cancer Series.

    In this class, I do a deep dive one of the most ubiquitous health problems ---chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is linked to Cancer in a big way, but it also linked/correlated to many other disease conditions, including Obesity, Heart Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, Alzheimer's, Hepatitis, and many others. Chronic inflammation is the silent killer because it goes unnoticed at a low level in our body with little to no symptoms. When the symptoms do finally show up, a great deal of damage has already been done to your body.
    In this class, I go over:
    1) The causes of Chronic Inflammation
    2) How Chronic Inflammation Affects our Tissues, DNA, etc
    3) How Chronic Inflammation Leads to Cancer and host of other disease conditions
    4) Steps you can take, such as switching out your personal care products with natural products from Young Living, aromatherapy, etc.
    5) Anti-inflammatory activity and mechanisms of action of a variety of essential oil constituents, and how they work.
    6) How to best deal with Chronic Inflammation prophylactically and proactively.
    7) Other steps you can take to lower or minimize Chronic inflammation in your body.

    In this class, you get the slides and the video as a digital download. You can offer your own class, or use this information for your own education.
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