CD Drops of Rain Vol I - Original Piano Compositions by Doug Corrigan
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CD Drops of Rain Vol I - Original Piano Compositions by Doug Corrigan


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    Airy, relaxing, creative, piano compositions for listening while breathing in essential oils.

    Drops of Rain is the product of 3 years of writing. The album has 22 songs and over an hour of relaxing piano compositions, which are all original creations of Doug Corrigan. The music is perfect for relaxation, sleeping, studying, reading, focusing, meditation, massage, and aromatherapy.

    For two of the songs (Pi and Golden Ratio), I used the structure of these universal mathematical constants to form the backbone of the harmonic progression of the piece. I think you'll be quite surprised to hear what these fundamental constants embedded in the beauty of nature sound like when represented as music!

    I hope you enjoy the music. I periodically create new music, so keep checking back for more content.

    1. Soul's Desire
    2. Sun's Delight
    3. Oceana
    4. Hidden Beauty
    5. Rest
    6. Drops of Rain
    7. Mom's Waltz
    8. Air on the Night String
    9. Fields of Lavender
    10. Breathe
    11. Palma Rosa
    12. Interlude
    13. Patagonia
    14. Leaves Are Falling
    15. Sandalwood
    16. Clary Sage
    17. Golden Ratio
    18. Impromptu Ostinato
    19. Winter Falls
    20. Awakening
    21. Pi
    22. Letting Go
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