Diffuser Bracelets

Women's LARGE (8.5") Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet with Navy/Coral Glass Beads, silver spacer beads, and Black Lave Bead Diffuser Bead


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    Size Women's LARGE (8.5") Diffuser Bracelet, handcrafted from Navy/Coral Glass beads and silver-filed space beads, on a semi-stretchy, heavy-duty cord. Hand-Made, imported from Bulgaria, Pottery Diffuser Beads. These beads hold the oils' scent and therapeutic aroma exceptionally well!
    All materials have been tested to withstand application of essential oils.
    Apply 1-2 drops of your favorite Essential Oil to the porous stone of the bracelet. The scent and aromatherapy benefits will last anywhere from 12-48 hours!
    Happy Diffusing!
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