Complete Set of All Frequently Asked Questions About Essentials Oils With Dr. Douglas Corrigan
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Complete Set of All Frequently Asked Questions About Essentials Oils With Dr. Douglas Corrigan

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    Are there questions about essential oils that you are having trouble finding the answer to? Is it hard to find answers that aren't based on hearsay, memes, blogs, or the rumor mill? Is it hard to find an answer that is clear, concise, and that walks you through the science step by step?

    I have a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and a Masters and Bachelors in Physics. After working at NASA on microgravity research, I changed directions and started a biotech company that developed novel molecular biology tools that enabled Big Pharma to discover new drugs faster and more accurately. I was a product of the western approach to medicine, as this is what I was trained in, and this is how I made my living. However, after witnessing the incredible benefits of essential oils on my family based on my wife’s initiative, I had to readapt my entire westernized school of thought to understand the science underlying essential oils. I took everything I had learned about science and retaught myself how this natural world operates at the level of health. I learned the how and the why when viewed at the molecular level, and began teaching others, step by step, how the science truly works.
    I have answered various popular questions about essential oils and have deposited them into a portal that is easily accessed. The answers are easy to understand, and include descriptions of the science and relevant references. You will be given indefinite/perpetual access to the database for answers that I add to the database over the next 12 months. You can use this information to satisfy your own curiosity, as well as to arm you to answer questions that you may encounter from others.
    Each answer is a separate PDF, usually 2-5 pages long with narrative and figures. You are given perpetual access to the PDF files, which you can print off and also save to your computer or smart device.
    I will continue to add to this database and anticipate having between 100-150 questions answered. You will also receive my email address and will be able to ask me questions via email, and I will do my best to answer your questions and make it part of the FAQ database. Questions that are asked more frequently will be given priority.
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