My Dad Bod is A Punderland - The Ultimate Dad Joke Book
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My Dad Bod is A Punderland - The Ultimate Dad Joke Book


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    Signed Copy of My Dad Bod is a Punderland by Doug Corrigan
    Over 150 pages of dad jokes, puns, funny stories, mind benders and quirky thoughts.

    Ladies, this would make a wonderful gift for the father of your children. We all know he has let himself go and is now the donner of the infamous dad bod, but us dads know that deep down, you like us better this way. Therefore, he is still worthy of this gift.

    We also know that you secretly love our dad jokes. We also know that you are sick and tired of us spending way too much time on the toilet. What in the world do we do in there, anyway?
    I’ll tell you what we do. We are searching for that next big dad joke.

    I wrote this book to solve both issues. Now your hubby can spend time reading this book while on the throne, and he can come out and share his next big eye-roller with you and the kids. You can thank me later.

    Men, there is something to be said about the phenomenon of the dad joke. THE DAD JOKE IS A REAL THING.
    Tired of everyone hitting on you all of the time? Tired of your spouse making advances on you in bed every night? Tired of being loved by everyone, and having tons of friends? Tired of people talking to you and listening to what you have to say? Tired of people liking and sharing all of your posts? Well...maybe it's time for you to start using dad jokes on a regular basis.

    The best part about dad jokes is watching your wife and kids roll their eyes while listening to them groan in agony. You can measure the greatness of a dad joke by measuring the angle of rotation of the eye, and the groan intensity in decibels, and plugging this into the empirically derived dad-joke formula.

    My hope for you is that this book will serve as a worthy toilet helpmate in your journey of making the most prodigious "vowel" movements. Men, we all know that our wives are constantly distraught with us for spending a little too much time on the toilet, so don’t get too swept away in these pages in one sitting.

    With that being said, let’s tell some dad jokes, shall we? I implore you to try some of these out on your kids and wife. Remember to pace yourself, and mama will stay happy. If mama ain't happy, daddy's not happy; and if daddy's not happy, well nobody really cares so just go sleep on the couch like a good boy.
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